Welcome to our new area to keep track of the yearly competitions. This area is dare I say it still a little bit in Construction and will stay that way for a little while yet as until the Teams for the 2020 Season are finalized, I can't do too much in this area. A few new features we should soon have-

  •  A Team Roster Page- For detailed Team and Player Information. Initially, we hope to start simply with a Page for each Teams Roster and Contact Details. This will include a small Logo for each team and team Pictures if desired. We hope to further expand its capability by being able to click on a Team Member and see their latest stats but that's going to take some time and work to bring that feature to play.
  • A Team Fixture Page- A page to show all the season fixture, know exactly when and where your Team is fixtured to play.
  • A Team Ladder Page- This Ladder will automatically once scores are entered keep track of Ladder details.
  • An EVENTS Page- For the latest details about Social Game Nights or League Meetings. This page will easily detail all current and future Loddon Darts Events.

For Up and Coming Tournaments you can look at our site EVENT Calendar for any up and coming tournaments and associated links, this area in the Future will enable all to register their Tournament Teams through the website. For know, the old fashioned snail mail will have to suffice but Coming Soon all our yearly EVENTS will be listed in this area, costs, Register Teams Pages and other important Event Details. 

Thanks For Visiting this page. This Area of the site will include, with luck a place for our Loddon darts League to have a new way to track Season Games, Team and Player Information. A lot of work to get it up and running and adapted to our needs so bare with us as we finish this League Teams area off and hopefully have it up and running by the 2020 darts season kicks off.