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Hi, all you fantastic Loddon Dart Enthusiasts- Welcome to our brand spanking new website, years in the making and after a few very painful days of (trying to) configure it properly- We are finally live and up and running. Yaaaah!

You may just notice a few minor changes if you have visited us before....As in the whole site. Feel free to click around and find all the goodies but we still have some spots too fill thus there is still a lot of work to be done so bare with us in that maybe painful process but I promise it won't hurt you, only our administrator. We do hope to have some fantastic new features coming along which will, if they play nice, include a new area for Team Information, Ladders and Fixtures for the up and coming season in 2020. Also, areas for those kinds of things like our Code of Conduct, AGM, Team Meetings, Tournament Information, Pricings for such and of course any needed Contacts in case you want to play too. We also hope to include some areas to help keep Player Stats up to date just in case you want to show others how well you're doing or for teams to be easily contactable and to help our Team Captains to organize their own team needs. Or if nothing else, just a place to yabber about darts.

One main new feature is our Loddon Darts Association Forum, especially useful for those who dislike Facebook (yes we do exist) but we still will use facebook in conjunction with this site to post updates and news, but we added the Forum especially for those who may just want another place to chat. Please Note- To use it, you will need to Register with our site.

We are always open to any suggestions to make your visit more friendly so if you do have any idea's that can further assist you or your teams needs, head on over to the Forum which you will find a link for in the menu above and tell us your needs, we may say no, but never any harm in asking.

Many thanks from your friendly and slightly stressed administrators.

Regards All and keep those 180's coming.

From the Media Liason Team


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Bob Montebello

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Steve Formosa

Vice President
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Robina Little

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Tania O'Connell

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Robert Day

Contest Director

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Due to the current situation with the Corona Virus, until further notice the league is currently on hold, we will keep you informed here as to when the league will once again be able to start up. Hope all stay safe.

Media Liason of Loddon Darts Association

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